My name is Dave Jackson, Barcelona based. I'm a multidisciplinary artist who unites diverse elements of photography, graphic design, illustration and visual arts. I'm always looking to build something new and experimental adapting to the product. 
I studied Graphical Arts (2012-2013) and Visual Arts and Graphic Design (2015).

Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, 
Premiere, Lightroom, Davinci and Cinema 4D.


The image of my portfolio is based on the owl, a mysterious and elegant animal that has been present of form iconic in different cultures. The logo centres on the eye of the owl, a minimalist and geometric design. Every curve, line and form is measured and it's precise, it is not random. This point is important since I believe in the intelligent design, in which everything has a meaning and aesthetics. The chosen color is a flat golden color, which it combines perfectly with the image of the owl.